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About Doffidatt

Hey everyone, my name is Deborah Ferry , the owner of Doffidatt Creations. I take good quality furniture and I re-work it, making it bespoke. I use different finishes such a decoupage, vintage ,shabby chic etc. to create something beautiful, which will be a good topic for conversation, I’m sure.
My career before Doffidatt Creations started in the cosmetics industry before entering the property industry.
All my life I have been very artistic, doing home décor, i.e. painting and decorating, curtain making as well as DIY, so it gives me great satisfaction and pleasure to bring pieces back to life again
I do commission work also .It may be you have a really good piece of furniture that has gone out of style and you don’t really want to throw it out , or it may have sentimental value for you. I can re-work it in order that it will compliment the rest of the furniture in your home.


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